Aldo Badini, Esq.
Winston & Strawn LLP
New York City
Aguilar, et. al. vs. ICE
Dan was retained by us to be a "law enforcement practices and procedures" expert to examine the practices and tactics of ICE during the "consensual" home raids and to opine on whether they conformed to customary police practices. He was, without exception, the best prepared expert I have ever worked with. He knew the record cold and prepared a well reasoned, thorough expert report. At his deposition he appeared forthright, sincere, knowledgeable and very believable. I have no doubt that the government's concern with having Dan appear before a jury was a significant factor in driving the settlement. I would recommend Dan without hesitation and hope to have the pleasure of working with him again".
Todd Shea, Esq.
Shea Law Office
Bozeman, MT
"Thank you for your expert witness services. Your work is always timely, thorough, and entirely consistent with your vast amount of law enforcement experience. More importantly, after working with you, I know you will never assert a position that you don't fully believe in".
Peter Doherty, Esq.
Overturf, McGath, Hull & Doherty
Denver, CO
"Dan has been a great resource in assessing police practices and procedures. Given his years of experience in law enforcement, as an officer, Chief of Police, and later as a national consultant, he brings an honest evaluation to the issues presented. The best attribute of his practice is his candor, and openness in giving a candid evaluation. I enjoy working with Dan and also recommend him if you are seeking a genuine assessment of your case and require a person who will approach your case with both a spirit of responsibility and professionalism".
Expert Consultant &
Court Qualified Witness
Specializing In:
  • Police Practices, Policies & Procedures
  • Police Training, Tactics & Use of Force
  • Police Personnel Management & Administration
  • Police Personnel & Internal Affairs Investigations
  • Police Organizational Audits
  • Security & Public Safety Practices
  • Premises Liability
  • Dram Shop Liability